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Fly Tying Classes/Presentations, Destination Trips, Fly Fishing Techniques.  Rick Nyles, Dave Allbaugh, Dave Rockroth and Brian Shumaker.  Too Many to list all the programs in details.  Email or call 610-987-0073

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Rick Nyles, Brian Shumaker, Dave Rothrock and Dave Allbaugh have done presentations at various shows along the east coast. 


Rick Nyles

Tactical Dry Fly Fishing New

Presentation on Rick’s approach to Dry Fly Fishing.  Equipment, Rigging, Flies, Casting and Approach.  Detailed info and simple approach.

Back to Basics New

This presentation is on getting back to basic fly fishing. Over the years we have forgot how we got to were we are today with all the new stuff out there.  A funny look at the industry. 

Penns Creek, The Hatch Factory New

A complete look at Penns Creek from Coburn to Weikert. The fish, the  amazing hatches and how to fool trout.

Montana, Fishing The Missoula Area New

Fishing in the Missoula area and discussing fishing on Rock Creek, Clark Fork, Blackfoot, Bitterroot and Missouri rivers. Hatches, lodging, guides and more.



Dave Rothrock 

Bugs and Imitations 

Covers most of the important mayflies as well as a number of caddisflies and stoneflies here in the east.  Includes a variety of pattern types to suggest these hatches as well as some insight into tactics to fish them.

Diversified Nymphing New

Covers most everything from tight line fishing with sighter leaders to fishing with a variety of indicators including rigging and which system may provide an advantage over another depending on conditions.  This program takes a more technical approach to analyzing some of the factors within each system.

This Wonderful World of Trout 

Takes a more lighthearted look at the the trout and the environment in which we find them.  This program brings together aspects of the trout fishing experience we may not ordinarily consider when heading out for time on the water.

PA’s Finer Streams – A Guide’s Choice New

This program looks at why I guide on particular streams in the north central and central regions as well as some of the proven techniques to experience success.  



Dave Allbaugh

Wet Fly Fishing and Tying  

Dave offers several presentations on fishing wet flies.  Leader setup, technique, approach and what flies to use.  Two seminars are available, indoor fly tying, and outdoor showing how to fish wet flies. 


Brian Shumaker

Susquehanna/Juniata Rivers and Tying Streamers

Learn about the Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers. Streamers and Popper fishing, when to go and where to go. 


Fly Tying 

Dave Allbaugh, Dave Rothrock, Brian Shumaker and Rick Nyles are all accomplished fly tiers.

Rick recently placed 3rd in the Orvis Fly Tying Contest. CDC Patterns and flies using his UP DN TROUT Wing Material. 

Dave Allbaugh is a WETFLY Guru and Guide, enough said.

Dave Rothrock, nymphs and Dries the traditional way.

Brian Shumaker, Smallmouth Streamers and his famous Shimmering Minnow. 

Taylor Helbig, Mayflies and Spinners and his own streamer patterns for big trout.



What People are saying…

 ” We had some big names in the fly fishing industry do presentations for our club.

Rick out did them all with his presentation skills, explanations, quality of material and his simple approach to fly fishing and fly tying. Oh, he has some good jokes”.


It was as advertised, a great way to spend a cold February evening. In February, over 70 Chapter members were treated to an informative and entertaining presentation by Rick Nyles, owner and guide of Sky Blue Outfitters. Rick shared his experiences on some of his favorite streams including Penns Creek, Spring Creek, Big Fishing Creek and his home waters, the Manatawny and Tulpehocken Creeks. His blend of videos, photos and verbal explanations was highly effective as he demonstrated both fly tying and fishing techniques.  In addition his sense of humor made his presentation of the facts fun to listen. I think it was safe to say that everyone left the meeting eager to get back out
on their favorite stream.  

Jim Wellendorf, Donegal TU



Thank you for making the long commute and sharing your presentation with us. We had a great turnout and everyone really enjoyed your presentation. I could tell by the comments, enthusiasm, participation and number of questions asked during and at the end. If I am in the area of the Elite 8 streams mentioned I will definitely look you up and book a guide trip with you. Like most guys I am primarily a nymph fisherman… but I would like to further develop my skills and learn some wet fly techniques hands on.

Regards, Dan Weaver    Bucks Co. Trout Unlimited


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