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Stream Reports 10/26/2020

Looks like the rain dancing is working.  We have some rain moving through this coming week.  Eastern PA to get more than Central/Western PA, maybe.   I (Rick) will be guiding tomorrow on the Manny and then back out to central PA for a few days.  Dave Rothrock, Dave Allbaugh and I (Rick) we be fishing together this coming week.  Should be interesting, water should be on the rise, cold weather and large streamer, I hope Penns come up and the fish start moving. 

The Tully is fishing good if you know where to go.  Water release is up and streamers should be working.  Guiding on the Manny tomorrow, check my Facebook page for a current report. 

Central PA

We (Rick and Dave Rothrock) we out guiding the past several days.  It was hit or miss.  The two warm days were slow and the overcast day and temperature drop Saturday was the best day.  No real dry fly fishing until evening on the warm days, nymphing was spotty on Thursday and Friday, but very consistent on Saturday.  You need to cover all water and move around, put yourself in position and stay put and hammer the run, move and do it again.  Pick your position because the  water is clear and low.  Dave did the best using the drop shot method. Me, my old standby, long arm nymphing suspending a good pair of nymphs. One small and one larger (BWO and Pheasant Tail).  Works well in low clear water.  Clients did some Euro-Nymphing in the faster runs with little success (only a few fish). 

Water is still very low.  Brian is floating, but not for long if we don’t get rain. Streamers and long cast are required to get fish.  Brian is booking up for 2021, so if you want to get out with Brian, time to book.

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