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Stream Reports 10/29/2019

Rick’s Thoughts: This shot of rain we just received was a nice boost to the flow.  Trout are spread out looking to start pairing up.  Do not target spawning fish and watch where you step.  The spawning season is starting.  nymphing has been productive in SEPA.  Copper John or other shinny nymphs are producing.  Any high water, throw streamers. 

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Eastern PA 

Tulpehocken is running over 700 cfs. running very, 60 degree release. Manatawny Creek is at a very good level and temps are great.  Nymphing or streamers, your call.


Central PA 

The central pa streams… Penns, Spring and Big Fishing Creek are all fishing good.  this shot of rain was needed and streamers are producing.  Nymphing buggy or small.

Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers

Brian has been in Florida fishing for Redfish.  No report.

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