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Stream Reports 9/3/2018


We are all out guiding so reports may not be on a regular schedule.  Will try and post before and after the weekend.  Our goal is to give you real information.  Check Facebook if report is over a week old.

Between Dave Rothrock, Dave Allbaugh, Rick Nyles, Taylor Helbig and Brian Shumaker, we got it covered.

Eastern PA

Was down on the Manatawny yesterday and it is at a perfect level and temp was 66 degrees.  The Tulpehocken “was” fishing good until they released because of the last round of rain.  Current release is 1,000 cfs.  For other streams I would check the flows before heading out. The rain was heavy and isolated.  Lititz Run was, well, destroyed due to flooding.  Wyomissing Creek was flooded out and I have not gone to see if the creek was severely damaged.  Pohopoco would be a good choice and so would be the Lehigh River.  Like I said, it was spotty. 

Central PA

 Yes and no, it all depends where you go.  Pine Creek and Kettle Creek are just fine and so are all the tribs.  They are up at a nice level.  Dave and Dave report good fishing this past week.  Big Pine is coming back to life for the fall season.  Temps are still borderline depending where you are on the Creek.  Penns is up and running at over 500 cfs.  Normal this time of year is 100 cfs.  Spring flows at 300 cfs are on the high side, just saying. 

Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers

The rivers were getting back to normal and then another shot of rain.  They can be fished but are off color and don’t expect high numbers.

Water Flows in Pennsylvania

USGS - science for a changing world

Some Stations Are Not Funded (Manatawny) And Are Shut Down

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