Pennsylvania Stream Reports By Sky Blue Outfitters

  • Hendrickson
  • Green Drake
  • March Brown
  • Mayfly Spinner
  • Black Quill
  • BWO Graveyard
  • Caddis Nymph
  • Grannoms
  • Caddis Lodging
  • Little Black Stonefly
  • Stonefly
  • Oh Shucks!
  • Lobster
  • Come Catch A Memory!

Stream Reports 7/14/2018


We are all out guiding so reports may not be on a regular schedule.  Will try and post before and after the weekend.  Our goal is to give you real information.  Check Facebook if report is over a week old.

Eastern PA

 Manatawny is very slow due to water temps. Best to stay away.  Tulpehocken running at a normal level and the discharge from the dam is 68 degree.  A good choice right now.  Caddis, Ants and .  Don’t forget about the Mighty Ant.   

Central PA

 Streams have bumped up due to storms.  Again, a good thing. Sulphurs/Cahills and Slate Drakes, Caddis (go small) are the bugs now.  Look for Stoneflies, Ants and spinners. Big Fishing Creek is a little high, go with a box of BWO and Sulphurs.

Water Flows in Pennsylvania

USGS - science for a changing world

Some Stations Are Not Funded (Manatawny) And Are Shut Down

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