Fly Fishing Wild Trout Streams In PA

Wild and Native Trout Fishing In Pennsylvania

The whole commonwealth has wild  and native (brook) trout streams where you would not think there would be any.  Rick lives in Berks county and yes, there are native Brook Trout in several streams.  Wild browns are the most abundant trout found throughout Pennsylvania. From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh to Erie to Scranton, trout can be in the smallest streams to the larger rivers.  Wild trout can be found in the Schuylkill where they can hold year round where springs and cool water stream keep the temperature down into their zone year round.  Look for wetlands that produce a creek. Look for small creek that have some plunge holes with cover.  Look for root piles and fallen trees when they can hide from prey and the sun.  Just go out and explore and see what you can find.  If there is a trail you are in the wrong place.