Destination Trips To Montana and Outer Banks

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  • Can't Wait To Drift
  • Hopper Time
  • Mountains And Valleys
  • Big Browns
  • Rock Creek
  • Fighting On A Sky Blue Day
  • There Is No Bull
  • Copper Mining
  • Why Do They Call It Big Sky Country?
  • Where Rainbows Are King
  • Rock On
  • Cut Through The Colors

Montana September 8th to 15th, 2018 

Join Nick Raftas (Orvis Endorsed) and Linehan Outfitting (Orvis Endorsed) in Montana for a September Hopper Trip, Drifting and Wading across the state.

Trip includes 3 full guided days on the Kootenai River and 3 days wade fishing in the Missoula area. Includes 6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, Ground Transportation in Montana, airport pickup/drop off and Lodging.

Not Included: Airfare, Tips for local drift boat guides, Dinners, Shipping equipment, BYOB

COST: $2,660  50% Due at Booking, Final Payment Due 6/25/18

Any cancellations after 6/25/18 will result in loss of deposit.  Any cancellations before 6/25/18 deposit will be refunded less a $100.00 fee.



There will be some flexibility in where we go to wade fish.  There are also many small cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout streams in the area along with some other really nice mountain creeks that we can also fish.  I am also looking into getting us reservation permits to fish the Jocko River outside of Missoula… I am weighing it as an option but not yet sure if it will be worth it or possible.  I will try.

Saturday 8th

Travel Day, Nick will pick up arriving anglers at Missoula airport in rental vehicle and take you to our lodging, staying in Missoula and having dinner in town.

   Sunday 9th

Wade Fishing Rock Creek, Blackfoot River, Clark Fork, staying in Missoula, dinner in town.

Monday  10th

Wade Fishing Rock Creek, Blackfoot River, Clark Fork, staying in Missoula, dinner in Town.

Tuesday 11th

Wade Fishing Rock Creek or the Blackfoot River, Travel to Libby Montana, check in to lodging and dinner in Libby.

Wednesday 12th

Full Day Guided Float Trip on the Kootenai River, staying in Libby, dinner in Libby.

Thursday 13th

Full Day Guided Float Trip on the Kootenai River, staying in Libby, dinner in Libby.

Friday  14th

Full Day Guided Float Trip on the Kootenai River, Travel back to Missoula, check in to lodging in Missoula, dinner in Libby before the drive to Missoula. 

Saturday 15th

Time to go home. Nick will drop anglers off at airport to travel home

Tips and Gear Needed for the Trip

  • Mail gear out to our destination in advance that way you don’t have to travel with it or check it at the airport.  Would hate to have you fly all the way to Montana to fish and they lose your luggage or confiscate hooks or whatever… I have had bad experiences in the past with checking luggage.  If you’d like an address to send gear to in advance I can provide an address in Missoula to one of my friend’s houses.  We can pick our stuff up when we arrive.  I usually send with 3-5 day shipping through FedEX.  In the past it has cost me around $80 to send wading gear, flies, net, and rods.  I usually pack pretty heavy though… prices may vary. 

  • Fly Rods and Reels in the 3 – 6 weight range. I will bring 3 rods for myself.  I take three rods and fit them into one fly rod case.  Before sticking them in I tape each rod in a bundle.    

  • Flies: Stoneflies both dry and nymphs, pheasant tails in various sizes, prince nymphs in various sizes, caddis pupa and dries, Gold Ribbed Hares Ears, Egg patterns, streamers, blue winged olives, Tricos, hoppers, October Caddis, Mahogany Duns

  • Sunglasses

  • Wading Boots, Waders

  • Wading Staff (recommended)

  • Book your flight as early as possible.  I am seeing flights as low as 489.00 right now.   These prices will only get higher as time passes. If you need any help with booking a flight please let me know asap.  Please remember that when booking your return flight that if you would like to send home your gear from a FedEx that you give yourself enough time to do that on the last day.  FedEX does not open until 12:00 PM on Sundays. So a flight at 2:00 PM or after would be ideal. CHECK WITH NICK BEFORE YOU BOOK ANY FLIGHTS TO MAKE SURE WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE. 

  • Make sure to bring only essentials for the trip.  I will only be bringing 3 pairs of clothes to wear for the trip.  We will all be in the same rental vehicle so carrying luggage will make the fit very tight.  For this reason, I am only bringing a carry-on luggage and mailing my gear out in advance. 

  • Ear Plugs!  We will have two people to a room.  If snoring is something that bothers you please bring ear plugs. 

  • Do not forget your phone chargers.  Also bring a camera.  The sights in Montana are absolutely breathtaking.  These aren’t like the 2,500 foot tall mountains we have in Pennsylvania… these are mountains that are approaching 14,000 feet high.  We will see snow capped mountains, possibly moose, mule deer, black bears, grizzlies, brown bears, white tail deer, wolves, coyotes, eagles and hopefully many, many, many awesome fish.  We have the possibility to catch rainbows, browns, cut bows, bull trout and maybe even some brook trout and don’t forget white fish, and pike minnows (which are actually huge).

The link to register for the trip is located here:

Click Here

 If you guys have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to chime in.  Any questions please ask.  I am going to do my best to run the tightest most mistake free possible trip.  I’ve done this trip before just changed up the locations a bit.  I do think I have it down to a science and I know that we will have a good time.  I am looking forward to spending some time with you guys in a different setting.  Thanks!

Contact Nick at 610-500-3147 or  Email


2019 Montana Trip

Rock Creek, Clark Fork, Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Missouri, Georgetown Lake

If you can’t make the 2018 trip, Rick is putting together a trip in 2019.

July 13th to 20th, 2019 trip.  

For details call Rick at 610-987-0073 or email

Outer Banks (4 nights) July 10th to 14th, 2018

Tuna, Redfish, Seatrout, Mahi-Mahi and whatever we can find.  This will include a day off shore trip for Tuna, if the conditions are right.  We will fish for something.  We will go out of Rudee’s Inlet at Virginia Beach.  Our first night will be in Virginia Beach and we will get up early to go off shore.  After our off-shore trip we will crash again in VA Beach.  The next day we head down to the Outer Banks to hook up with the guides and head out fishing for something, whatever we can find.  Dinner and crash and get up and do it again.  Our goal is to catch fish on the fly rod, conditions always play a role if we can.  Cost is $1,200.00 pp. (estimated) Hotel and dinners are not included.  There are many hotels that we can choose from.  Some can use POINTS for lodging.  I am looking into renting a house at the time. Since hotels and the guides will provide breakfast and lunch, dinner is the only meal you really need to purchase.  Call or email Rick for more details 610.987.0073 


Photos from the 2017 trip. 

Contact Rick at 610-987-0073 or 

50% deposit required when you book.  Balance is due 60 days before.  Cancellations within 60 days you will forfeit your deposit unless we can fill your spot or we will offer you credit for another trip within the calendar year (Drift Boat, Day or Multi-night trip).  Cancellation within 30 day you will forfeit your total payment if we cannot fill your spot.  We have the right to offer credit that can be used in the calendar year.  We understand that special circumstances come up and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.  Please work with us and we will work with you…