Fly Fishing On Penns Creek, Spring Creek, Fishing Creek, Little Juniata and Pine Creek

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Central Pennsylvania Walk and Wade Streams and Creeks

North Central PA

North Central PA is home to a lot of great water.  The main drainage area is the Pine Creek valley, a beautiful valley, with high mountains and many tributaries.  There are an array of wild trout streams above and below Rt 6 that runs across the state.  They are worth exploring and a great place to go spend a week fishing around the area.

Pine Creek, Slate Run, Cedar Run and Little Pine Creek

Let’s start with Pine.  A wide stream that is more like a river.  It starts on the northern border of PA and NY.  Wild trout can be found up in the head waters.  The Pine is stocked along it’s run to the Susquehanna.  Wild trout can be found along it’s run but, in the summer they will stack up at the main tributaries due too the water temps getting into the mid to high 70’s.  There is a special regulated section in the Blackwell area.  

Slate Run and Cedar Run are two tributaries that feed the Pine and are worth exploring.  It is best to do this yourself because they are small, hilly and you need to be stealthy on your approach.  There are some real nice fish in the Runs and each have special regulations. 

Little Pine has a special regulated area above Little Pine State Park.  This too gets warm and trout will move out. It is stocked by the state.  Little Pine lake is stocked with trout and so is the stretch from the park to the Big Pine.  

Hatches are pretty good in the area with Green Drakes around.

Kettle Creek And Young Women’s

Go fish Kettle, it has a lot of different types of water. Mountain (flats and deep hole) to large water below the dam. The state stocks Kettle and it has wild trout, good hatches and good access.  Don’t forget about Young Women’s Creek.  

Mid-Central Streams and Creeks

Where do I start? The best fishing in the Keystone state is right in the middle where State College is located. Penns Creek, Spring Creek, Big Fishing Creek, Elk Creek and lots of smaller streams.  Most have the Green Drake hatch, stay away, too many fishermen, just saying.  

Spring Creek

A great fishery that is no harvest and it has thrived.  A great Sulphur hatch and really good nymphing/wet fly water to cut your teeth on.  Easy access along it’s run and there are some nice sized fish everywhere.  A real testament to non-harvest water.

Big Fishing Creek

Another spring creek worth the time.  It does not have the glory (heavy hatches and fish population) it had 20 to 25 years ago but go work the water.  It is still a great fishery.  It has a special regulated stretch and no Sunday fishing area. Hendricksons, Caddis, Sulphurs and Green Drakes, oh my.

Penns Creek

What can I say…go fish Penns Creek, one time in your life.  It has great hatches, large fish and big water that is easy to fish. Not easy to catch fish. It does get a lot of pressure and some areas parking can be an issue.  Rule # 1 don’t fish where everyone else does.  Rule # 2 you might get your hat handed to you, bring your A game.

Elk Creek, Pine Creek and Cherry Run

Spend some time on these smaller creeks.  All three feed Penns Creek. Access is limited on Elk and Pine.  Cherry Run goes through state game lands and has a special regulation section. 

South Central PA

A historic area, legends were born here, they learned and shared their experiences in books, shows and videos. Visit the PA Fly Fishing Museum. Letort, Big Spring, Yellow Breeches are most well known.  There are others that need to be fished. 

Letort, Big Spring and Yellow Breeches

All three live up to their hype if you know how to fish these types of streams.  Spring Creeks with grass have a different method of fishing. Muddy bottoms, stealthy approach, fighting fish that go into the grass. With all the good food and the great water coming out of the ground, you will find cherry red Rainbows, deep copper Browns and red dotted Brookies.